Buyer's Services

With the myriad of tools available online for buyers, it's easy to wonder what it's worth to have a Realtor work on your behalf. In Texas, the moment a buyer's representation agreement is signed, that agent has a legal and ethical responsibility to hold your interests above their own. The beautiful thing about buyer's representation is that it is free to the buyer. Because you are the one already shelling out all the doe for the house, a buyer's agent's commission is paid for out of the sellers proceeds at closing.​

A reputable and skilled buyers' agent's services should include the following:buyer services in Houston TX

  • Assist in the home search by narrowing in on neighborhoods and homes based on the buyer's set parameters.
  • Analyze market conditions particular to the desired property to pinpoint and advise an offering price in line with fair market value with the highest likelihood of acceptance by a seller.
  • Educate their buyer on key terms and specifics of the contract as well as the buyer's responsibilities.
  • Write the contract on behalf of the buyer and negotiate with the seller and listing agent while keeping their buyers' best interests always in focus.
  • Manage contract deadlines for their buyers.
  • Coordinate inspections and review reports to determine the true condition of the property. Assist the buyers in determining what repairs or monetary credits are appropriate to request based on the age, sales price and condition of the home.
  • Act as a knowledgeable and levelheaded liaison for the buyer between listing agent, sellers, title company, and mortgage lender. For this, it is crucial that the buyers agent is a skill communicator and can easily manage timelines and expectations. Without this a smooth and successful transaction can easily become heated and complicated.

What we bring to the table as a buyer's agent is time, patience and stream lined tools to handle the home shopping, contract negotiation and transaction intricacies efficiently and painlessly. If you have begun shopping online and stopped into a few open houses but aren't quite sure what to do next, give us a call. We'd love to talk through the process with you.

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